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Monday, June 4, 2012

Where Evil Came

The muted lips of those who trust
Do not bear witness in disgust
Of the wicked and the damned
Who attack with brute demands
They sit in silence and dismay
In empty closets where they play
In corridors with just one light
They dare not fathom in their plight
To reach the cord that is too high
For their legs to jump and try
And so they wander all alone
Far and away they softly roam
In their attempt to find release
Gently rocking for some peace
Though rolled into a tiny ball
The captor sees while even small
And brings a pain that is so deep
They cut and bleed so it may seep
From a deep wound inside a soul
That is a large and gaping hole
Where evil came to take away
To enter in and always stay
To enter in and always stay

©Kay Salady

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