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Monday, June 4, 2012

Where Beauty Lies

There is a fragrant rose
That grows upon a vine
Within a charming vineyard
Her petals so sublime
Inspiring all the senses
For those who cast their eyes
Toward this perfect blossom
At the place where beauty lies

Other rose vines gather
In the vineyard where she grows
The buds of each produce
Fragrant blossoms of the rose
Also aromatic
But not one could compare
To that special blossom
With a beauty oh so rare

The songbird came in spring
To sing within its nest
Romantic little songs
That Beauty loved the best
When long the days of summer
And the taste of wine so sweet
Love caused her blooms to blush
As she raised her crest to meet
The harvest moon of autumn
As stars fell from the sky
To ring the chimes of winter
With a lonesome lullaby

The seasons quickly passed
Then her petals seemed to fade
As time reached out to take
Her youthfulness away
Yet she retains her fragrance
As roses often do
And the place where beauty lies
Remains within our view

©Kay Salady

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