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Monday, June 4, 2012


There is a silver string
That ties my heart to yours
It doesn’t mean a thing
Now that you have closed the doors
To all we used to be
I can’t believe it’s true
You’ve cut the silver string
That tied my heart to you

Today you’ve walked away
From all that used to be
The words I’ve longed to say
Are still inside of me
Locked within the tears
I’ve cried since you’ve been gone
I wish they’d disappear
We could right this awful wrong

There is a silver string
I’ve saved for you a strand
Though it doesn’t mean a thing
It’s in my outstretched hand
With hopes you will return
Again to me one day
My love for you still burns
In such a painful way

Without you by my side
I can’t think to carry on
This cord needs to be tied
Before my heart’s withdrawn
Forever from all hope
Of being joined to you
However shall I cope
With worn-out ends for two

©Kay Salady

 tied hearts

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