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Monday, June 4, 2012

This Minute

You are my darling
And the author of my smile
My sweet Prince Charming
Come sit with me awhile
And listen to the dreams
I’ve held for all these years
Oh they fly by it seems
The happiness and tears
Of loving to be living
Inside of your embrace
So blessed to reminisce
On the memories of your face
Each one fills me with bliss
I wonder if you know
How beautiful you are
To the one who can’t let go
Of your gentle hand
As you depart to make your way
I find it hard to accept
That I can’t see you every day
For all the tears I’ve wept
It seems I weep a hundred more
And this woman can’t be kept
From crying that’s for sure
Yet tears are for the strong
I’ve found this to be true
They are a healing balm
When I am missing you
They cleanse me of the pain
Of this void I feel inside
Sometimes they fall like rain
My darling I can’t hide
The fact that I need you
Every single minute
And this minute is so blue
When you’re not right here in it

 ©Kay Salady

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