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Monday, June 4, 2012

That Way

Break Up Sad Love Wallpaper

Shame on me
You like it this way
Always have
You like that feeling
Of superiority
The one that I gave to you
But it was never real
I could never feel
That you were stronger
You said we were equal
But you didn’t mean it
Your reason for living
How can I be
Right now I just wanna die
How many times do I
Have to say goodbye
It wasn’t me
No I never changed
It was you who rearranged
Yourself into somebody else
And now my point-of-view
Is not the same
Oh you’re insane
For finding my thinking in past tense
To be mundane
When the water’s all run dry
And even though we try
Things will never be the same

©Kay Salady

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