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Monday, June 4, 2012


Death of a Gladiator by Jean Simon Berthelemy, 1773 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA
Elation sweet elation is a gem encrusted sword
With all that sparkles brightly never easily ignored
If I had only gazed upon the treasure plunged in bone
Rather than desired all that glitters for my own
I’d be safe to wander in the blanket of the mist
Than to be imprisoned by the things I can’t resist
I want to be so valiant and equipped toward the fight
With head held high I vow to die in choosing what is right
On to the arena toward the foe behind my shield
Lured by all temptation I’ll not bow and I won’t yield
Although I bleed through gaping wounds worthy of a slave
I must contend until the end a gladiator brave
 ©Kay Salady

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