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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Dance

A dance of silhouettes
Ebb and flow as with the tide
A surge of breath and then
I feel him move so deep inside
The lover seems convinced
I cannot see his eyes on me
Discerning my expressions
With each move I rise to greet
His touch a soothing balm
That I would pay for with my soul
His smile sends my heart soaring
Making me feel so beautiful
I cradle his fine head
Against my heart and smell his hair
Wondering all the while
If he could know how much I care
Lost within this moment
That is his and mine alone
I rewind each thrilling movement
Of the dance and softly moan
In the velvet of the night
That I wish would never end
With the rising of the sun
Or the soft goodbye we’ll send
©Kay Salady


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