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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cucumber Sandwiches

Oh to roam the soft blankets of green
Where lullabies drifted o’er blossoms of clover
As Sally held buttercups under my chin
To ascertain whether or not I liked butter
The wearing of white gloves most certain a must
At luncheons with white bread minus the crust
Laden with cucumber slices just so
Then on the side the potato chips go
As Sally and I sat down for our lunch
At her kitchen table enjoying each crunch
Her father Homer sat down with us too
And at times he would eat a sandwich or two
When he was a boy he had nearly expired
By falling face first in the pit of a fire
Now it wasn’t easy for a girl in my place
To comprehend a man with no face
Homer was loving and kind to his wife
A good father to Sally and so full of life
Sarah was lovely she perfumed her hair
Wherever she sprayed there was no color there
On one autumn day where the weeds rose up high
As the bright orange sun burnished the sky
With bright flames from hell that fried Sally’s brain
Satan came forth with his flickering flame
To enter her mind with an unsavory notion
To drive straight away my childlike devotion
She touched me in places unspoken ‘til now
Why didn’t she stop what I wouldn’t allow
She plunged me with objects of torturous pain
Defiled and demented with her twisted brain
Transporting my innocence off on a zephyr
So hauntingly dark disheartened I left her
Now memories of cucumber sandwiches make
A metallic taste and my belly ache
And the face of her father all melted away
Still haunts with the wind on warm summer days

 ©Kay Salady

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