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Monday, June 4, 2012

As Long as I Can See


You peel away the scabs until each gaping wound
Is oozing so much pain as if from its cocoon
Lifted wings to fly prismatic ‘round my head
The colors blind my eyes and cause a certain dread
Vertigo sets in as nausea fills a pit
At the center of my being all I can do is sit
And wish away the sin committed by my slander
I’m thinking of sweet milk with sprigs of oleander
I hate you then I love you my darling who am I
To cause this awful harm yes I deserve to die
I’ve prompted you again to think the worst of me
As thoughts of paranoia become reality
I’d slice away my flesh and give my blood to you
If that gesture would prove my faithfulness
But now I want to fly away just like a bird
No never leave the sky nor hear those painful words
You say to me are true that I cannot believe
How can I not love you or wish for you to leave
I’m tunneled in despair and cannot move an inch
I cannot breathe the air I cannot even flinch
Perhaps I’ll turn to stone a statue carved of pain
I’ll never bleed away today’s torrential rain
The storm clouds pass away then you come as the sun
Holding me again and I so long to run
As you gather me close whispering with love
That I’ve not done a thing to deserve this push and shove
How many are inside this vessel made of flesh
I cannot discern how you and I can mesh
In the presence of the torment of your soul
Yet one thing I know your heart is beautiful
Somehow I’ll cling to the one inside who’s mine
As long as I can see your presence so divine
©Kay Salady

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