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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Those Who Prey

Far beneath the frozen ground
Lie tombs of mortal men
Beneath their graves
Much farther down
Reside the pits of sin
For those who prey on innocence
Existing for the day
When yet another succumbs to
Their odd and dreadful way
Of adding pallor to the flesh
That once was pink and pure
Removing sparks of innocence
From eyes soft and demure
Injecting poison from a bite
As faces gaunt and hollow
Hypnotize defenseless minds
Drifting as they swallow
Every drop of their life's blood
Then tearing souls away
Chaining them to broken dreams
Of teardrops and dismay
Swirling as they dance about
In ballrooms fit for kings
Where fingertips of death point out
They don't deserve a thing
No they don't deserve a thing

Monday, June 4, 2012

Of Flesh

Of flesh and blood and bone am I
With sacred breath this vessel filled
Descended from the heights to die

Born to live and too soon I die
This mortal soul that is strong-willed
Of flesh and blood and bone am I

Preordained from realms on high
Until my seasons are fulfilled
Descended from the heights to die

I shall ascend yes I shall fly
To burst into incandescent gild
Of flesh and blood and bone am I

In that moment’s splendor I
Shall be inclined to float so thrilled
Descended from the heights to die

Neither pain nor tears to cry
Within soft velvet night instilled
Of flesh and blood and bone am I
Descended from the heights to die

©Kay Salady

Where Evil Came

The muted lips of those who trust
Do not bear witness in disgust
Of the wicked and the damned
Who attack with brute demands
They sit in silence and dismay
In empty closets where they play
In corridors with just one light
They dare not fathom in their plight
To reach the cord that is too high
For their legs to jump and try
And so they wander all alone
Far and away they softly roam
In their attempt to find release
Gently rocking for some peace
Though rolled into a tiny ball
The captor sees while even small
And brings a pain that is so deep
They cut and bleed so it may seep
From a deep wound inside a soul
That is a large and gaping hole
Where evil came to take away
To enter in and always stay
To enter in and always stay

©Kay Salady

This Minute

You are my darling
And the author of my smile
My sweet Prince Charming
Come sit with me awhile
And listen to the dreams
I’ve held for all these years
Oh they fly by it seems
The happiness and tears
Of loving to be living
Inside of your embrace
So blessed to reminisce
On the memories of your face
Each one fills me with bliss
I wonder if you know
How beautiful you are
To the one who can’t let go
Of your gentle hand
As you depart to make your way
I find it hard to accept
That I can’t see you every day
For all the tears I’ve wept
It seems I weep a hundred more
And this woman can’t be kept
From crying that’s for sure
Yet tears are for the strong
I’ve found this to be true
They are a healing balm
When I am missing you
They cleanse me of the pain
Of this void I feel inside
Sometimes they fall like rain
My darling I can’t hide
The fact that I need you
Every single minute
And this minute is so blue
When you’re not right here in it

 ©Kay Salady


I am standing here confounded
By the queen before a throne
That I so wish to vanquish
And reclaim for my own
I can’t seem to understand
The words that she has said
Do they come from her
Or the voices in her head
I’m teetering on eggshells
Afraid that they will break
Queasy from the bad smells
That make my stomach ache
I’ve found her words are tainted
With disparaging untruths
It seems I’m unacquainted
With the unknown sleuths
Who’ve gathered on a bangle
She wears around her arm
And I’m the one she dangles
As if I were a charm

©Kay Salady

No Never

No never have I
Attempted to make you cry
I wished to love you
Rather than dash all your dreams
That was never in my plans

©Kay Salady


Dream Lover

I want to lie in bed tonight and dream again of you
To feel the bliss of your warm breath so soft against my skin
As your sweet voice repeats the words that I have longed to hear
You’ve captured me my lover in the pleasure of your kiss
You know each and every single place that thrills me
Oh you know me
Mmm I rise to greet each fine distinction of your tender touch
I realize just how much you know me yes you do so much
I’m tangled in your web all night as you drain me of my passion
Devouring all my energy with all that naughty action
If only I could see your eyes
Hmm, the color of your hair
The contours of your face
But they are never there
My dark lover

©Kay Salady

For all Time

Never leave my side
Without you I am empty
The nights are endless
And my days are so lonely
I always want you near me
©Kay Salady


They say love is a woman’s weakness
I say love is a woman’s scorn
For it is through her meekness
Her greatest pain is born
She bears great sorrow
At such a cost
Ending up

©Kay Salady



Vanilla scented candles glimmer
Across silk cushions as they shimmer
Beneath her body as she lies
For fragrant oils to be applied
Upon her skin so sleek and smooth
At his approach she dare not move
For oh the feeling he evokes
With every mesmerizing stroke
As he meets with her demands
With the magic of his hands
Rosemary rises through the air
To gently kiss her raven hair
As tiny beads of oil caress
Each minute pore of loveliness
Oh to stop the hands of time
And oh to own those hands divine
For she’s become a connoisseur
Of the hands of her masseur

©Kay Salady


The Back Wood Road

The heat is rising from the road in thick curtains of steam
Radiating from the back of my sticky neck pouring sweat
Spilling onto my seersucker shirt as I walk slowly down
The back wood road that leads to the old man’s pond
Snapping the bubbles of hot tar beneath my sneakers
It’s well worth the lump in my throat and prickles on my skin
As I contemplate that man without legs who grows the popcorn
That man I fear who lost his legs in the Korean War
I am certain one could cook a full meal on this hot pavement
As I consider the coolness in the middle of that deep pond
The pond that contains so many things that frighten me
Betwixt the cattails the refuse of ducks and all that slithers
And so I divert my attention to those glorious tar bubbles
Those bubbles that will leave remnants of jet black goo
Tar that will lead me into the realms of my Nannie’s rage
And so I face the depths of the pond and of her anger
Snap snap snap
Oh damn the fury of the summer sun that takes away all logic
Here I stand with spindly legs and skinned knees before the man
Oh that man upon his crutches who ventured out his screen door
The man who lost both of his legs in that god forsaken war
Staring down at little me wondering why the hell I’m here
And so I brave the muck and mire at the edge of that old pond
I jump as far as I can jump and oh what I land in is so disgusting
With breath held tight I swim and swim until at last I’ve ventured
Beyond the muck where all is clear and cool far out into the center
Who cares if I feel something wriggling up my little nose
Who minds if I feel something nibbling on my tiny toes
They couldn’t be as large as me I kick and scream and giggle
Yet the fear of that bottomless pit is in the back of my mind
Who would find me and who on earth would come to my rescue
After all I was over a mile away from the nearest farmhouse
And how on earth would a legless man ever pull me from here
I had a time getting into the center of the pond behind nowhere
The sun was sinking low in the sky and after I’d climbed out
The old man met me near his field of popcorn with a bag in his hand
I was so frightened to take it as he offered it for Nannie and I
Perhaps she’d accept it as a peace offering with regard to my shoes
Oh good the tar bubbles are still hot on the road to Grandmother’s
Snap snap snap
I love tar bubbles
Break out the turpentine
By the time I’m halfway home I’m just as hot as I was when I began
And the hot tar snaps beneath my feet
Almost there
Snap snap snap

©Kay Salady


When it comes to my lover’s feline
I’m ready to make a beeline
She and he having a fling
Preoccupied with string
The litter box poo
Things that cats do
Scratching me

©Kay Salady


There is a silver string
That ties my heart to yours
It doesn’t mean a thing
Now that you have closed the doors
To all we used to be
I can’t believe it’s true
You’ve cut the silver string
That tied my heart to you

Today you’ve walked away
From all that used to be
The words I’ve longed to say
Are still inside of me
Locked within the tears
I’ve cried since you’ve been gone
I wish they’d disappear
We could right this awful wrong

There is a silver string
I’ve saved for you a strand
Though it doesn’t mean a thing
It’s in my outstretched hand
With hopes you will return
Again to me one day
My love for you still burns
In such a painful way

Without you by my side
I can’t think to carry on
This cord needs to be tied
Before my heart’s withdrawn
Forever from all hope
Of being joined to you
However shall I cope
With worn-out ends for two

©Kay Salady

 tied hearts

Cucumber Sandwiches

Oh to roam the soft blankets of green
Where lullabies drifted o’er blossoms of clover
As Sally held buttercups under my chin
To ascertain whether or not I liked butter
The wearing of white gloves most certain a must
At luncheons with white bread minus the crust
Laden with cucumber slices just so
Then on the side the potato chips go
As Sally and I sat down for our lunch
At her kitchen table enjoying each crunch
Her father Homer sat down with us too
And at times he would eat a sandwich or two
When he was a boy he had nearly expired
By falling face first in the pit of a fire
Now it wasn’t easy for a girl in my place
To comprehend a man with no face
Homer was loving and kind to his wife
A good father to Sally and so full of life
Sarah was lovely she perfumed her hair
Wherever she sprayed there was no color there
On one autumn day where the weeds rose up high
As the bright orange sun burnished the sky
With bright flames from hell that fried Sally’s brain
Satan came forth with his flickering flame
To enter her mind with an unsavory notion
To drive straight away my childlike devotion
She touched me in places unspoken ‘til now
Why didn’t she stop what I wouldn’t allow
She plunged me with objects of torturous pain
Defiled and demented with her twisted brain
Transporting my innocence off on a zephyr
So hauntingly dark disheartened I left her
Now memories of cucumber sandwiches make
A metallic taste and my belly ache
And the face of her father all melted away
Still haunts with the wind on warm summer days

 ©Kay Salady

Where Beauty Lies

There is a fragrant rose
That grows upon a vine
Within a charming vineyard
Her petals so sublime
Inspiring all the senses
For those who cast their eyes
Toward this perfect blossom
At the place where beauty lies

Other rose vines gather
In the vineyard where she grows
The buds of each produce
Fragrant blossoms of the rose
Also aromatic
But not one could compare
To that special blossom
With a beauty oh so rare

The songbird came in spring
To sing within its nest
Romantic little songs
That Beauty loved the best
When long the days of summer
And the taste of wine so sweet
Love caused her blooms to blush
As she raised her crest to meet
The harvest moon of autumn
As stars fell from the sky
To ring the chimes of winter
With a lonesome lullaby

The seasons quickly passed
Then her petals seemed to fade
As time reached out to take
Her youthfulness away
Yet she retains her fragrance
As roses often do
And the place where beauty lies
Remains within our view

©Kay Salady

Magenta Sunset

Somewhere there’s a sky
With a magenta sunset
Glowing just for me
 ©Kay Salady


This life is but a vapor that I inhale in the rain
Though dimly seen I find each breath with acuity
As visions speak within the mist I intently hear
Silent whispers on the wind captured in tranquility
Illuminating drops of sorrow from a melancholy cloud
Oh music there is music in each color that I see
In the eye of perception I am drenched in bliss
In awe before the masterpiece I stand in so much rain
Tossed within a billowed sea replete at heaven’s door
Only then to find myself sinking below her floor
This life is but a vapor that I’d inhaled in rain
As visions spoke in raindrops I intently tried in vain
To see everything

©Kay Salady


Death of a Gladiator by Jean Simon Berthelemy, 1773 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art, USA
Elation sweet elation is a gem encrusted sword
With all that sparkles brightly never easily ignored
If I had only gazed upon the treasure plunged in bone
Rather than desired all that glitters for my own
I’d be safe to wander in the blanket of the mist
Than to be imprisoned by the things I can’t resist
I want to be so valiant and equipped toward the fight
With head held high I vow to die in choosing what is right
On to the arena toward the foe behind my shield
Lured by all temptation I’ll not bow and I won’t yield
Although I bleed through gaping wounds worthy of a slave
I must contend until the end a gladiator brave
 ©Kay Salady

Breathless, Go Secrets

Breathless go secrets
Whispered in silent moments
Careless and easy
Secrets depart into souls
Weighed down with a heavy load
©Kay Salady

The Carriage

Because I could not stop for Death, she kindly stopped for me; the carriage held but just ourselves and immortality. -Emily Dickinson

The carriage came its doors ajar
And I did spy within that car
The alabaster hand of Death
Her trembling finger pointed west
With ring of jade and inlaid pearl
She overlooked this wide-eyed girl
Who held on tightly to the earth
Chanting that I’ll have rebirth
You mustn’t stop for me my dear
Yet I know you will be here
Upon this arid desert sand
You will return to point your hand
When it is the time for you to gather
This poet’s bones of alabaster
I will not know it’s time for sleep
For I have promises to keep
Yet I will feel the hoof beat’s thunder
And be completely torn asunder
At the thought of letting go
You’ll take my hand and then bestow
That sentimental kiss of death
Emphatically you’ll take my breath
As you take me to a land
Arid and forsaken

 ©Kay Salady

My Heart's Transparency

In succession I advanced
Toward all the things I’d missed
Running forward at the chance
To cross things off my list
With arms wide open I reached out
For all that I’d dreamed of
Your heart and soul were beautiful
When I embraced your love
As I entered into bliss
My eyes were open wide
Always eager for your kiss
And to be near your side
Upon my heart’s transparency
Lay your gentle gaze
Fixate upon the urgency
Of this pure love ablaze
Oh the fire that sets me free
The burning love I feel
Your quintessence deep in me
Is everything that’s real
And everything in life I’d missed
My genuine desire
Every time you look at me
My passion rages higher
©Kay Salady


Acts of contrition
Pardon the malefactor
In the gloom of sin
Regret for a transgression
Whitewashes the darkest deed
©Kay Salady


Forced to release you
So that you can make your way
Life is so unfair
I am to tear from my chest
Love that could never betray

©Kay Salady

Cherry Crush

Cover me in the sweetness
Of your cherry crush words
As I inhale the completeness
You breathe in me
Just let it be simple and free
For this little while
Hum to me the melody
And I’ll sing the words
Together we’ll make music
Like this world has never heard
And I will hold you ever close
To this heart of mine
It would be so divine
To feel your skin
Oh such a sinful pleasure
As I reach to kiss your lips
Taking a thousand sips
Of your sweet wine
Infused in the sweetness
Of my rush – my cherry crush
 ©Kay Salady