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Saturday, April 14, 2012


I am feeling so detached
As I stare blankly at the wall
I have the distinct impression
That I don’t matter much at all
I awake when my eyes open
Because I don’t really care
I’m well acquainted with depression
And it’s not going anywhere
I spend my days forsaken
It doesn’t matter what I do
No one ever stops to visit
I can understand
Who would want to
I’ve grown so weary of the world
It seems it’s growing tired of me
The vibrancy that I once knew
Has disappeared and possibly
It is hiding with the sun
Behind the clouds of grey
I used to wish for rainbows
Even dreams have slipped away
I dare not plan the future
It’s too vague for me to hope
I take things as they come
And try so hard to cope
Within a world so foreign
That I somehow seem to know
I’m trapped by the confusion
Of not knowing where to go

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://www.justonhealth.com/symptoms-of-severe-depression/

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