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Saturday, April 14, 2012


If I close my eyes and try
Far off in the distance I
Can hear faint echoes
As she hums a melody
Bending low upon one knee
She is gently rocking me
And then hushed whispers fall
They scurry into cracks within the walls
As her neglect comes chasing after me
Into a place that I don’t want to be
Her hands are cold her voice is ice
No she is not so very nice
She points her finger at my face
And screams that I am a disgrace
She scratches me with fingertips
As spiders crawl from her thin lips
They creep inside my head and sting
I hesitate to say a thing
And oh the damage she delivers
To her little girl who shivers from the cold
My inner child is still asleep
Within the arms of she who keeps
Me in her clutch of fear and inhibition
Though she is dead to me I know
She has such power even though
Because I doubt that I was worthy
Yes I doubt that I was worthy
To be loved
©Kay Salady

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