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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Secretly you’re testing me to see how far I’ll go
I can feel you’re testing me but I won’t let you know
I play along and watch the song and dance that you perform
It feeds my inspiration and your passion keeps me warm
This night is long and lonely and my river’s all but dry
Searching for life’s meaning and I’m empty though I try
To rid myself of all that’s hidden in my heavy heart
You pick the lock with your sweet talk that rips the seams apart
Fantasies unearth themselves from corners in my mind
Bathed in velvet darkness you so softly touch and bind
Against the shadows that we make beneath the silver moon
Breathless oh so breathless I am trembling as I swoon
Wanting to be lovers on a bed of satin bliss
Satiating hunger with the thought of passion’s kiss
Rolling with the thunder of this aching deep inside
As pulses from the energy makes hairs begin to rise
I’m wondering if you feel it too in my anticipation
Helpless oh so helpless in all of my frustration
So coyly you remove yourself you smoothly slip away
Leaving me alone in doubt with so much left to say
I dream of you within my night and touch myself in morning
Wondering when you will return to me without a warning

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://bersty.deviantart.com/art/passion-58603396

Smooth Jasmine

She is so smooth
When she comes waltzing in again
And though she’s rude
And he can barely stand the pain
He opens up and lets her in
With his haphazard boyish grin
Because his heart can’t bear to let her go
It’s plain to see that he’s putty in her hands
So easily he gives in to her demands
She tears him down he plays the fool
He tries so hard to keep his cool
Until the day that Jasmine disappears
©Kay Salady


It would be easier to taste poison
Than to die a thousand deaths
I fear it would be easier
To be as Romeo and Juliet
Than to live this life of misery
Besieged in all my pain
Existing without the hope
Of ever holding you again

©Kay Salady


Whispers in the night
Reverberating passion
Calling me to you
©Kay Salady

Image Credit: loveforasianguys.blogspot.com/

The Vacancy I Feel

friend - avatarsky.com
The greatest pain I’ve experienced
Is living without my lover
Oh the vacancy I feel
Inside my lonely heart
In all that I do
And with each breath
I’m calling
Out his
©Kay Salady
Image Credit: www.avatarsky.com

Like Silver Strings

Like silver strings upon a harp
Your words flowed gently in my ear
As a song from meadow’s lark
Like silver strings upon a harp
How tender did those words appear
When first you whispered in my ear
Like silver strings upon a harp
Your words flowed gently in my ear

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://www.kathrynrees.co.uk/images/insert4.jpg

Pounding at Pillows

friend - avatarsky.com

I’m pounding away at pillows
Rather than clawing away at you
I’m filled with so much frustration
I could beat you black and blue
I sit for hours in therapy
With those condescending nods
From the man who humors me
Yet I’d have better odds
If I’d hold to my convictions
That you’re not worth a damn
Instead of putting up so long
With such a worthless man

©Kay Salady

Love Finds Its Way

We think we fall out
Or we may think it runs dry
Love buries itself
Deep inside tiny pockets
Where it nestles safely in
We attempt to push
Love away from its abode
In an endeavor
To protect ourselves from pain
Only to stand in darkness
We plug up the damn
By blocking that tiny hole
Yet love finds its way
Via a wave of fervor
To drown us in its ocean
We swim against them
As the waves bathe us in light
Why aren’t we floating
As they wash away our pain
Infusing us with splendor
©Kay Salady

Only Women Bleed

Demoralized by constant anguish
She sheds crimson droplets of pain
Into a golden chalice
He drinks time and again
Veiling her sorrow
Feeding his strength
Her weakness
Is his
©Kay Salady


I am feeling so detached
As I stare blankly at the wall
I have the distinct impression
That I don’t matter much at all
I awake when my eyes open
Because I don’t really care
I’m well acquainted with depression
And it’s not going anywhere
I spend my days forsaken
It doesn’t matter what I do
No one ever stops to visit
I can understand
Who would want to
I’ve grown so weary of the world
It seems it’s growing tired of me
The vibrancy that I once knew
Has disappeared and possibly
It is hiding with the sun
Behind the clouds of grey
I used to wish for rainbows
Even dreams have slipped away
I dare not plan the future
It’s too vague for me to hope
I take things as they come
And try so hard to cope
Within a world so foreign
That I somehow seem to know
I’m trapped by the confusion
Of not knowing where to go

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://www.justonhealth.com/symptoms-of-severe-depression/


If I close my eyes and try
Far off in the distance I
Can hear faint echoes
As she hums a melody
Bending low upon one knee
She is gently rocking me
And then hushed whispers fall
They scurry into cracks within the walls
As her neglect comes chasing after me
Into a place that I don’t want to be
Her hands are cold her voice is ice
No she is not so very nice
She points her finger at my face
And screams that I am a disgrace
She scratches me with fingertips
As spiders crawl from her thin lips
They creep inside my head and sting
I hesitate to say a thing
And oh the damage she delivers
To her little girl who shivers from the cold
My inner child is still asleep
Within the arms of she who keeps
Me in her clutch of fear and inhibition
Though she is dead to me I know
She has such power even though
Because I doubt that I was worthy
Yes I doubt that I was worthy
To be loved
©Kay Salady


It is not that I am lost
I just do not wish to be found
Tangled in the barbs
Of your insensitivity
You with your big hands on me
Holding me down
So that you can stare
With your underlying motives
You keep me there
Insisting I talk
But then you never share
Your string of relentless questions
Put such a strain on me
They drain my batteries
For all that I would like to do
That does not include you
Spoiling my day
With your foot in the way
Of the door to my good intentions
©Kay Salady

Image Credit: Jessica Simpson Hiding in the Dark Wallpaper

Power of Love

In the velvet night
You cradle me in passion
Gently rocking me
To the rhythm of your heart
Beating so close to my own

So delicately
You weave your fingers in mine
As you look at me
With shining eyes that ignite
The darkness into starlight

Bowing low you quench
My thirsty lips with kisses
Tasting of nectar
They send me spiraling high
With erotic fantasy

Feed my hungry need
To the pinnacle I soar
Fill me with your love
I’m at Seventh Heaven’s door
Fill me with your love

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://josemanchado.deviantart.com/art/Passion-46292002

Of Flesh

Of flesh and blood and bone am I
With sacred breath this vessel filled
Descended from the heights to die

Born to live and too soon I die
This mortal soul that is strong-willed
Of flesh and blood and bone am I

Preordained from realms on high
Until my seasons are fulfilled
Descended from the heights to die

I shall ascend yes I shall fly
To burst into incandescent gild
Of flesh and blood and bone am I

In that moment’s splendor I
Shall be inclined to float so thrilled
Descended from the heights to die

Neither pain nor tears to cry
Within soft velvet night instilled
Of flesh and blood and bone am I
Descended from the heights to die

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://zoeyin.com
Print by 8-year old Zoe Yin

Where Evil Came

The muted lips of those who trust
Do not bear witness in disgust
Of the wicked and the damned
Who attack with brute demands
They sit in silence and dismay
In empty closets where they play
In corridors with just one light
They dare not fathom in their plight
To reach the cord that is too high
For their legs to jump and try
And so they wander all alone
Far and away they softly roam
In their attempt to find release
Gently rocking for some peace
Though rolled into a tiny ball
The captor sees while even small
And brings a pain that is so deep
They cut and bleed so it may seep
From a deep wound inside a soul
That is a large and gaping hole
Where evil came to take away
To enter in and always stay
To enter in and always stay . . .

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://soldeace.deviantart.com/art/Dark-Corridor-46343761

This Minute

You are my darling
And the author of my smile
My sweet Prince Charming
Come sit with me awhile
And listen to the dreams
I’ve held for all these years
Oh they fly by it seems
The happiness and tears
Of loving to be living
Inside of your embrace
So blessed to reminisce
On the memories of your face
Each one fills me with bliss
I wonder if you know
How beautiful you are
To the one who can’t let go
Of your gentle hand
As you depart to make your way
I find it hard to accept
That I can’t see you every day
For all the tears I’ve wept
It seems I weep a hundred more
And this woman can’t be kept
From crying that’s for sure
Yet tears are for the strong
I’ve found this to be true
They are a healing balm
When I am missing you
They cleanse me of the pain
Of this void I feel inside
Sometimes they fall like rain
My darling I can’t hide
The fact that I need you
Every single minute
And this minute is so blue
When you’re not right here in it
©Kay Salady


I am standing here confounded
By the queen before a throne
That I so wish to vanquish
And reclaim for my own
I can’t seem to understand
The words that she has said
Do they come from her
Or the voices in her head
I’m teetering on eggshells
Afraid that they will break
Queasy from the bad smells
That make my stomach ache
I’ve found her words are tainted
With disparaging untruths
It seems I’m unacquainted
With the unknown sleuths
Who’ve gathered on a bangle
She wears around her arm
And I’m the one she dangles
As if I were a charm

©Kay Salady

Image Credit: http://appleplusskeleton.deviantart.com/art/charms-and-spells-201137908

No Never

No never have I
Attempted to make you cry
I wished to love you
Rather than dash all your dreams
That was never in my plans
©Kay Salady

For All Time


Never leave my side
Without you I am empty
The nights are endless
And my days are so lonely
I always want you near me
©Kay Salady


They say love is a woman’s weakness
I say love is a woman’s scorn
For it is through her meekness
Her greatest pain is born
She bears great sorrow
At such a cost
Ending up
©Kay Salady