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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

No Reason

My inspiration’s gone and everything is wrong

Since I let go of the only hand that understood

All my reasons why

Now I just exist when I’d been used to living

Breathing in your love and standing in the glow of

All the reasons why

I longed for every breath to last until my death

To inhale every word that you had spoken

And I thought that somehow God had made you just for me

You’ve proven me wrong and left me so heartbroken

What was sacred in my eyes you’ve defiled before my chance

To touch, to smell, to know the feel of what I thought was mine

And now there is no reason for me to ever say

That I believe in love

I’m your baby

I’m perfect for you

You’re mine

We belong together

Now, it’s over

And there’s no reason to believe

There’s no reason to even breathe

©Kay Salady

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