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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interminable Seed

We melded into each other one night at a time we both were in need

I held you close, too close, and then I planted an interminable seed

Why did I make such an awful mistake of speaking those three little words

And set myself up for such a long ride not knowing the pain I'd incurred

You were looking for more than what I could give at such a time as this

And depending on me to take care of your heart, you found I was remiss

The huge confrontation we had last night was almost too much to bear

I found myself crying in deep regret and wishing that you were not there

My mind's so confused and this agony is torturing me both day and night

And it's all I can do to be civil with you because we always argue and fight

Over and over I've tried to convey the fact that my heart isn't yours

And I'm tired of playing these ridiculous games and hiding behind these closed doors

The discomfort I feel is so painfully real and it's driving me out of my mind

Just set me free and let me be me; do what's right and just try to be kind

Why would you wish to have on your dish a heart that beats for another

Don't tie me down just to have me around; don't dictate and please, don't smother

I'll just grow to hate you despise and berate you and that isn't what you desire

Let me dig up the interminable seed and just admit I'm a liar

©Kay Salady

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