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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Every Bridge You Must Burn

I have come to return
Every bridge you must burn
I won’t cross
I will drown
And I won’t
Make a sound
Your blade sways
Over my
As I lie
Here so still
My hands tied
As I swill
All the things
I have said
Painting me
Bright blood- red
Forego breath
My pulse pounds
Keeping pace
With the sounds
Of the cries
That I hear
Face the blame
For the tear
From the eyes
Watching me
In my old
Family tree
Take this bridge
I can’t cross
It’s your match
Count the loss
All the pain
That you feel
Is in me
Yes it’s real
Set the fire
Make me free
From the curse
That’s on me

©Kay Salady

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