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Wednesday, January 18, 2012



He pulls at my heart with threads of gold

And pricks it with pins of silver

Searing my spirit with blistering pain

My shuddering soul is screaming

To fly

These angelic wings of crimson torn

And bruised by temptation’s fall

No longer white and no longer pure

Tainted with bitter gall

Evoked from your sweet lips my love

To proclaim I am nothing at all

I move by the will of silver strings

And intangible things that bind

The golden thread and silver pins

That seal your heart to mine

Yet I don’t feel a beating chest

Within these empty walls

As on this perch I wait to fly

Bound by nothing at all

He pulled at her heart with threads of gold                          

And pricked it with pins of silver

Searing her spirit with blistering pain

Her shuddering soul was screaming

To fly

©Kay Salady


  1. Thank you for your comment on my page, I have now read four of your pieces and I am going to follow you...you are a good poet.
    I also have a piece called Bound, here is the link, although the theme of mine differs from yours.



    1. Wow, that piece was amazing. I was astounded over the similar words.