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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The transforming kiss that changed my life forever!

In thought’s reverential corner

Where my mind reviews all details of our past

Each quiet dream of you is as vivid as first day

Precise until our kiss at very last

Ascending my heart’s staircase to reacquaint with kiss

Implanting insatiable desire

I fell in love so madly with a taste I’d never known

A confection that burned my soul with fire

The fragrance of your love lingers on my fevered brow

As I inhale the breath of your remembrance

Infusing me with déjà vu I’m swirling in your midst

Someplace inside your first hello’s resurgence

©Kay Salady

Melancholy Lover




He pulls at my heart with threads of gold

And pricks it with pins of silver

Searing my spirit with blistering pain

My shuddering soul is screaming

To fly

These angelic wings of crimson torn

And bruised by temptation’s fall

No longer white and no longer pure

Tainted with bitter gall

Evoked from your sweet lips my love

To proclaim I am nothing at all

I move by the will of silver strings

And intangible things that bind

The golden thread and silver pins

That seal your heart to mine

Yet I don’t feel a beating chest

Within these empty walls

As on this perch I wait to fly

Bound by nothing at all

He pulled at her heart with threads of gold                          

And pricked it with pins of silver

Searing her spirit with blistering pain

Her shuddering soul was screaming

To fly

©Kay Salady

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Every Bridge You Must Burn

I have come to return
Every bridge you must burn
I won’t cross
I will drown
And I won’t
Make a sound
Your blade sways
Over my
As I lie
Here so still
My hands tied
As I swill
All the things
I have said
Painting me
Bright blood- red
Forego breath
My pulse pounds
Keeping pace
With the sounds
Of the cries
That I hear
Face the blame
For the tear
From the eyes
Watching me
In my old
Family tree
Take this bridge
I can’t cross
It’s your match
Count the loss
All the pain
That you feel
Is in me
Yes it’s real
Set the fire
Make me free
From the curse
That’s on me

©Kay Salady


My brain is not my own as thoughts zigzag

Through hazy corridors of mind’s recollection

Sent on this mission of conjuring up the past

That I cannot recall teetering on the edge

As bits and pieces come to tear at my gut

With shards of bitterness that I cannot resolve

And I so want to bleed away this heavy pain

That’s much too much to bear in the increments

You ritually are serving me on rusty spoons

That cut my tongue leaving acrid streaks of blood

This blood that came from your sweet flesh

Writhing there in pain

Curled in fetal mode

Helplessly seeking


©Kay Salady

Manipulated Clay

I am manipulated clay

Melted down to stay

Influenced by your will

Cut and shaped until

I float within your zone

Losing all my own

Determination to

Turn my face from you

©Kay Salady

She, A Tender Bud

She a silent tender bud

Waited for the rains to flood

High above her peaceful sleep

One with roots so very deep

In the still of Earth’s dark sod

Rested in the hands of God

A clap of thunder split the sky

Ere she turned and with a sigh

Gathered rain to drench her bed

The lovely tresses on her head

Floated within a moss cocoon

As her limbs reached for the moon

She reached far past her dark confines

Through the soil with shooting vines

That sprouted leaves of brightest green

With tiny flowers of tangerine

That burst with scent to reach the sun

Then folded wings when day was done

As if to pray when moon was full

To thank the Lord of Beautiful

For all she was and all she’d seen

For all she’d do and all she’d been

And as she bowed her head to sleep

She dug her roots in very deep

Then came the winds from hands of time

That blew her arms from her confines

And sent the seeds from tangerines

Beyond the trees far past the streams

And then a great and mighty flood

Washed away the tender bud

The snow of winter froze the earth

As tiny flowers await rebirth

Beneath the sod they lie in moss

So silently they weep the loss

Of one who bore them all

She who took the fall

A clap of thunder split the sky

As far beneath the soil they try

To gather rain within confines

Deep within the mossy mines

Of sleeping flowers who will bestow

Her sweet perfume before they go

©Kay Salady

There is No Love

In the City of Dread

On a Street of Despair

As I lie on my face

Wishing that you still care

I lift up my hands

To the almighty sky

Begging for one more day

As I fall down to cry

For there is no love

Only your love exists

In the core of my heart

You’re the one that I miss

Wherever I am

And whatever I do

Every breath that I take

I have done it for you

You’re the best that’s in me

You’re the dream of my life

‘Til the day that I die

I am your loving wife

In the City of Dread

Faces turn as I go

Wishing that I were dead

For loving you so

In a world that’s not free

On a Street named Despair

I am down on my knees

Praying that you were there

To carry me far

To a land just for two

That accepts the sweet love

That’s between me and you

Forever my dear

I will honor your heart

Far beyond this sad world

That has torn us apart

In the City of Dread

On a Street of Despair

As I lie on my face

Wishing that you still care

I lift up my hands

To the almighty sky

Begging for one more day

As I fall down to cry

For there is no love

Only your love exists

In the core of my heart

You’re the one that I miss

©Kay Salady

Interminable Seed

We melded into each other one night at a time we both were in need

I held you close, too close, and then I planted an interminable seed

Why did I make such an awful mistake of speaking those three little words

And set myself up for such a long ride not knowing the pain I'd incurred

You were looking for more than what I could give at such a time as this

And depending on me to take care of your heart, you found I was remiss

The huge confrontation we had last night was almost too much to bear

I found myself crying in deep regret and wishing that you were not there

My mind's so confused and this agony is torturing me both day and night

And it's all I can do to be civil with you because we always argue and fight

Over and over I've tried to convey the fact that my heart isn't yours

And I'm tired of playing these ridiculous games and hiding behind these closed doors

The discomfort I feel is so painfully real and it's driving me out of my mind

Just set me free and let me be me; do what's right and just try to be kind

Why would you wish to have on your dish a heart that beats for another

Don't tie me down just to have me around; don't dictate and please, don't smother

I'll just grow to hate you despise and berate you and that isn't what you desire

Let me dig up the interminable seed and just admit I'm a liar

©Kay Salady

No Reason

My inspiration’s gone and everything is wrong

Since I let go of the only hand that understood

All my reasons why

Now I just exist when I’d been used to living

Breathing in your love and standing in the glow of

All the reasons why

I longed for every breath to last until my death

To inhale every word that you had spoken

And I thought that somehow God had made you just for me

You’ve proven me wrong and left me so heartbroken

What was sacred in my eyes you’ve defiled before my chance

To touch, to smell, to know the feel of what I thought was mine

And now there is no reason for me to ever say

That I believe in love

I’m your baby

I’m perfect for you

You’re mine

We belong together

Now, it’s over

And there’s no reason to believe

There’s no reason to even breathe

©Kay Salady


"Longing is the core of mystery.
Longing itself brings the cure.
The only rule is, suffer the pain.
Your desires must be disciplined,
and what you want to happen,
in time, sacrificed." -Rumi

I sacrificed my love
And now I suffer pain
What was I thinking of
To live and love in vain
The longing that I feel
Bleeds freely from my core
My love for him was real
My vow to him was pure
I cannot understand
Why God had tied our wrists
If he would take our hands
And ball them into fists
Obscurity remains
Where light and laughter played
For I am bound in chains
Where memories never fade

©Kay Salady