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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Your Seed Remains

Have you the need to be encouraged? Search yourself; look inside the man, everything you need is there.


You are as the tree

With branches leaves and seeds

Rooted deeply into the earth

Hear her songs in your hair

Feel the sun making your life

The rains nourishing your roots


Rejoice and bear fruit

Your seed remains

Long after you fall into the soil


You are forever

It is simple

You make it hard

Creator made you a flower

Me a flower

All are flowers

Beautiful colored flowers

In his garden that is life

We have all we need

Sun rain moon sky

Our duty is to love



We are all one

We fear our death

But we are forever

We live on

The seed of the flower

Flies in the wind

Makes more flowers

They go on forever and ever

Our seed is like the stars in the heavens

We are as stars

Forever stars


You are a star

I am a star

We are made of stars

We are beautiful

And our breath

Our breath is a gift

Breath of life

©Kay Salady

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