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Saturday, November 12, 2011

So Broken

I lay crying last night in the dark

So broken over all the times I’d hurt you

And I felt helpless to ease your pain

So broken over all the things I didn’t do

How can I go back and fix it all

How can I take the fall for what I’ve done

When I didn’t see that you were hurting me

Because I broke your heart

You were the one

That was so broken

Now that I know what I’ve done to you

I haven’t got a clue how to make things right

There is no black or white

I want to run away for eternity

The shame I feel suffocates my soul

I never will be whole and my life is through

For I’ve failed to see the biggest part of me

Become reality inside your big brown eyes

I hope you realize

That I’m so broken

©Kay Salady

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