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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Recitation of the Sage

You lied to her you lied to me
She'll never know the fantasy
That has become a written page
Within the book penned by the sage
The words within so very clever
They paint a scene to last forever
Of you and I beneath our tree
Under the moon a canopy
Of stars that shine so very bright
Where lovers dance in their delight
We met tonight at the same hour
Behind your back you held a flower
Jasmine of white with fragrant scent
Presented there with your intent
To give your love a lifetime through
With touch of lip away we flew
To dance this night beneath the stars
Throughout this magic time of ours
This lady’s head was in a whirl
Since for a time I was your girl
Then to the earth my feet descended
For I realized that you’d intended
To hold me there a little while
And pencil in a lovely smile
To please the author of the book
So carelessly the lines you took
Left gaping holes that dripped of ink
Now that you’ve gone I scarce can think
I cannot breathe and I dare not cry
For we both knew the tree did die
So long ago and far away
Perhaps it was that April day
When I’d neglected to reply
You walked ahead and so did I
Not turning back we missed each other
You fell into another lover
Whose arms were open just for you
She was right there what could you do
Perhaps one day you’ll think of me
As you lay there beneath our tree
And as you look up into the sky
Drift on a cloud named you and I
Your hand will reach for mine to dance
Just close your eyes and bid romance
To whirl and twirl away with you
Upon cloud nine I’ll be there too
You have the key open the gate
For butterflies are never late
They float on edge of every dream
Where rose fairy’s lights do beam
To lead the way that’s to the right
In paradise with you at night
The castle’s built with your own hands
She waits to meet with your demands
A Casanova owns her heart
The Romeo has played his part
So very well upon the stage
The recitation of the sage

©Kay Salady

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