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Saturday, November 12, 2011


How can I say goodbye

To the warm arms that held me

How can I even try

To let go of the heartbeat

That keeps pace with my own

For fear that I’ll stop breathing

How can I stand alone

Or even think of leaving

I’m so into you

That I know what you’re doing

I’m stuck to you like glue

How can I think of moving

On to another love

When you’re my only guy

What were you thinking of

How could you say goodbye

You made sweet love to me

You touched me like no other

Do you honestly believe

That you’ll find another lover

Who knows you like I do

Or believes in all your dreams

Tell me is it really true

Are you letting go of me

Please try not to be

Angry with me baby

Hold onto the memories

Of our sweet love for me

And whatever that I’ve done

To send your heart away

Forgive me I was wrong

For not begging you to stay

I truly believe

That love is like a flower

Once you’ve crushed her leaves

And held her in your power

She’ll not have the will

To grow inside your heart

For a time she’ll stay

And then she will depart

I must say goodbye

To you and all your anger

Baby I can’t try

To hold you when you’re bitter

There’s one thing inside of me

You’ll never take away

The beauty of our memories

And all we’ve shared will stay

Today my soul is screaming

And yes my heart is breaking

For all this time of dreaming

Of all the plans worth making

Swallowed with a glass of wine

In a jagged little pill

Stolen by the hands of time

Against my broken will

Damn these tears that flow

And damn these eyes for crying

Damn my heart for breaking

And damn you for supplying

Me with reason enough to say

The word that cuts my heart

That takes my very breath away

And tears me all apart


©Kay Salady

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