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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Fairies Fly

Ethereal beings of prismatic light

On translucent wings you hover tonight

From ancient mounds to seal the fate

Of an unknown soul who crossed the gate

At the twilight hour and chanced to spy

Your right of passage through the sky

Oh Fairy queen do not disturb

For a charm of rowan and of herbs

Of finest iron hangs therewith

Around the neck of Elizabeth

She carries bread beneath her tongue

To ward off demons one by one

Tonight she’ll hear the banshee cry

And see the teardrops in green eyes

As fairies lay their dead to rest

In an Irish garden on emerald crests

Atop the buds of ruby roses

There the tiny one reposes

Veiled in spider webs a ‘glimmer

‘Neath the twilight’s glowing shimmer

Where they sing a haunting dirge

Then raindrops from the sky emerge

As if the gods sent tears to rain

Upon the rose-leaf’s bleeding vein

To wash away the fairies’ pain

To wash away the fairies’ pain

©Kay Salady

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