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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Inhaling the Blue

As you sank to sea
I reached out for you
When you took my hand
I inhaled the blue
From the weeping soul
Deep inside your chest
And I held it in
Because I loved you best

So I held your love
Instead of holding you
‘Neath the swirling waves
Of your endless blue
You reached out your hand
And I reached out mine
Then I pulled away
In the nick of time

For so many years
I tried to rise above
The rushing waves
Of your endless love
As I tried to bring
Your sweet lips to mine
I inhaled your sea
And its salty brine
When I asked God
To lead me straight to you
I had no idea
That you’d drown me too

©Kay Salady

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Misery is the company she keeps

As tears surge through her veins

She articulates every ounce of feeling

Flooding through her weary mind

The beauty of her petals make you sigh

And the loss of her love make you weep

Along with drops of salt that flow

Upon the beauty of her anguish

For she has inhaled the breath of loss

And danced with the shadows of agony

©Kay Salady


So delicate the dew

That graces fragrant petals

Subtly spiraling labellum

Bursting forth with vibrant color

Adorning shades of green

©Kay Salady

Billowed Puffs

Billowed puffs of white

Float aimlessly above me

In an azure sea

Enveloping my senses

With familiar compassion

©Kay Salady

Twilight Moon

The moonrise glows within a purple sky

Lending beams to gently kiss the darkness

Drawing curtains of blue that whisper a goodbye

To a ridge of trees standing in their starkness

©Kay Salady

The Recitation of the Sage

You lied to her you lied to me
She'll never know the fantasy
That has become a written page
Within the book penned by the sage
The words within so very clever
They paint a scene to last forever
Of you and I beneath our tree
Under the moon a canopy
Of stars that shine so very bright
Where lovers dance in their delight
We met tonight at the same hour
Behind your back you held a flower
Jasmine of white with fragrant scent
Presented there with your intent
To give your love a lifetime through
With touch of lip away we flew
To dance this night beneath the stars
Throughout this magic time of ours
This lady’s head was in a whirl
Since for a time I was your girl
Then to the earth my feet descended
For I realized that you’d intended
To hold me there a little while
And pencil in a lovely smile
To please the author of the book
So carelessly the lines you took
Left gaping holes that dripped of ink
Now that you’ve gone I scarce can think
I cannot breathe and I dare not cry
For we both knew the tree did die
So long ago and far away
Perhaps it was that April day
When I’d neglected to reply
You walked ahead and so did I
Not turning back we missed each other
You fell into another lover
Whose arms were open just for you
She was right there what could you do
Perhaps one day you’ll think of me
As you lay there beneath our tree
And as you look up into the sky
Drift on a cloud named you and I
Your hand will reach for mine to dance
Just close your eyes and bid romance
To whirl and twirl away with you
Upon cloud nine I’ll be there too
You have the key open the gate
For butterflies are never late
They float on edge of every dream
Where rose fairy’s lights do beam
To lead the way that’s to the right
In paradise with you at night
The castle’s built with your own hands
She waits to meet with your demands
A Casanova owns her heart
The Romeo has played his part
So very well upon the stage
The recitation of the sage

©Kay Salady


Flutterby in buttercream

You are my magic dream

Alight on fragile flower

With scent of tangerine

Treetop is your destination

You are my imagination

I am reaching out for you

©Kay Salady


The night sky is black

Velvet covered in diamonds

And I am breathless

Inhaling the perfumed air

As I await your presence

©Kay Salady


I am in love with a mirage

Such a beautiful visage

Of what I had dreamed my lover would be

When I thought up your identity

Then you reluctantly presented to me

Each layer I peeled away

And as I reached the core of you

I realized I had no clue

Of what I had done upon that day

A broken vessel made of clay

Twisted and torn to bend my way

Lay bleeding at my feet

This stranger bore a love for me

This stranger still a stranger be

To me and all my cruelty

A guise to love and hope

As yet he bears a silver cord

Tied to my heart with one accord

To bind until eternity

This stranger to a stranger be

©Kay Salady

The Darkness

The darkness came to suffocate my soul

Bending my will with foreboding hands

Stripping me of all my convictions

Wide-eyed speculation frozen in obscurity

Intermittent tremor for a gulp of air

From a gullet that is torn wide open

The darkness hovers o’er this poured out shell

Chipped on edge of delinquent dreams

Floating in the vapors of abandon

©Kay Salady

Your Seed Remains

Have you the need to be encouraged? Search yourself; look inside the man, everything you need is there.


You are as the tree

With branches leaves and seeds

Rooted deeply into the earth

Hear her songs in your hair

Feel the sun making your life

The rains nourishing your roots


Rejoice and bear fruit

Your seed remains

Long after you fall into the soil


You are forever

It is simple

You make it hard

Creator made you a flower

Me a flower

All are flowers

Beautiful colored flowers

In his garden that is life

We have all we need

Sun rain moon sky

Our duty is to love



We are all one

We fear our death

But we are forever

We live on

The seed of the flower

Flies in the wind

Makes more flowers

They go on forever and ever

Our seed is like the stars in the heavens

We are as stars

Forever stars


You are a star

I am a star

We are made of stars

We are beautiful

And our breath

Our breath is a gift

Breath of life

©Kay Salady

Pockets of Shame

You find your way into my mind

On a path of impenetrable darkness

And I am that bearer of sadness

My dress yielding pockets of stones

Yet I am that which I am

For you run through these vagrant veins

That ache within flesh that is dying

Reluctant to suppress all my need

Perhaps on the ‘morrow I’ll search

For that which today I’ve dismissed

Today I am unable to tolerate

All the anguish the fear and contempt

Wrought from a love that has nurtured

A manner of putting to shame

All of the dreams we had honored

Instilling a hope and a trust

But now I erase them from memory

And push you away from my life

I’ll carry these pockets of stones

Sewing new ones whenever I need

To gather the stones that you throw

On the path on your way back to me

Yes I am that which I am

You run through these vagrant veins

For I am that bearer of sadness

In a dress filled with pockets of shame

©Kay Salady


How can I say goodbye

To the warm arms that held me

How can I even try

To let go of the heartbeat

That keeps pace with my own

For fear that I’ll stop breathing

How can I stand alone

Or even think of leaving

I’m so into you

That I know what you’re doing

I’m stuck to you like glue

How can I think of moving

On to another love

When you’re my only guy

What were you thinking of

How could you say goodbye

You made sweet love to me

You touched me like no other

Do you honestly believe

That you’ll find another lover

Who knows you like I do

Or believes in all your dreams

Tell me is it really true

Are you letting go of me

Please try not to be

Angry with me baby

Hold onto the memories

Of our sweet love for me

And whatever that I’ve done

To send your heart away

Forgive me I was wrong

For not begging you to stay

I truly believe

That love is like a flower

Once you’ve crushed her leaves

And held her in your power

She’ll not have the will

To grow inside your heart

For a time she’ll stay

And then she will depart

I must say goodbye

To you and all your anger

Baby I can’t try

To hold you when you’re bitter

There’s one thing inside of me

You’ll never take away

The beauty of our memories

And all we’ve shared will stay

Today my soul is screaming

And yes my heart is breaking

For all this time of dreaming

Of all the plans worth making

Swallowed with a glass of wine

In a jagged little pill

Stolen by the hands of time

Against my broken will

Damn these tears that flow

And damn these eyes for crying

Damn my heart for breaking

And damn you for supplying

Me with reason enough to say

The word that cuts my heart

That takes my very breath away

And tears me all apart


©Kay Salady

Crimson and Vanilla

My crimson and vanilla will summon you to stay

Suggestive as the gestures in the dance that clearly say

With every undulation that I’m begging you to touch

All the secret places that are craving you so much

Little innuendos that float by on perfumed air

Stimulate your senses with a hint of something rare

You’d die to uncover as you ache with feverish need

My crimson and vanilla will summon you to plead

©Kay Salady

The Fairies Fly

Ethereal beings of prismatic light

On translucent wings you hover tonight

From ancient mounds to seal the fate

Of an unknown soul who crossed the gate

At the twilight hour and chanced to spy

Your right of passage through the sky

Oh Fairy queen do not disturb

For a charm of rowan and of herbs

Of finest iron hangs therewith

Around the neck of Elizabeth

She carries bread beneath her tongue

To ward off demons one by one

Tonight she’ll hear the banshee cry

And see the teardrops in green eyes

As fairies lay their dead to rest

In an Irish garden on emerald crests

Atop the buds of ruby roses

There the tiny one reposes

Veiled in spider webs a ‘glimmer

‘Neath the twilight’s glowing shimmer

Where they sing a haunting dirge

Then raindrops from the sky emerge

As if the gods sent tears to rain

Upon the rose-leaf’s bleeding vein

To wash away the fairies’ pain

To wash away the fairies’ pain

©Kay Salady


Jagged barbs of wire

Lead me to desire

An endless path of love

Arterial sprays the dove

This wretched bleeding pain

Is coursing through my veins

And pulsing in my head

Wishing I were dead

Sharpened bits of steel

To prick the way I feel

Oozing out the mire

Cooling down the fire

Battle wounds of dread

Are swimming in my head

My blank eyes gape asunder

Pardon this curse I’m under

Like endless lines of wire

My veins ache with desire

Barbed and jagged pain

Drive this soul insane

©Kay Salady

Savoring the Stream

Blessed love

How great the gift

That flows from our Creator

Returning to his hand

Who am I

To drink it in

You and I

Within a ring

Of precious gold

In sweet embrace

Before infinity


Is this cup

Of divinity

As we return

To drink of it

Again and again

©Kay Salady


I do love you as the day kisses the dew’s

Once brilliant reflection dispersing in its heat

My love burns clandestinely during shades of silence

My soul cries out from within this mortal flesh

I love you and I love you without distance or time

I know no other way to love than to love you eternally

©Kay Salady

So Broken

I lay crying last night in the dark

So broken over all the times I’d hurt you

And I felt helpless to ease your pain

So broken over all the things I didn’t do

How can I go back and fix it all

How can I take the fall for what I’ve done

When I didn’t see that you were hurting me

Because I broke your heart

You were the one

That was so broken

Now that I know what I’ve done to you

I haven’t got a clue how to make things right

There is no black or white

I want to run away for eternity

The shame I feel suffocates my soul

I never will be whole and my life is through

For I’ve failed to see the biggest part of me

Become reality inside your big brown eyes

I hope you realize

That I’m so broken

©Kay Salady

Shards in the Velvet

I wait for you

Inside this hollow space

Where fervent thoughts

And unfilled whispers

Go unheeded

As they echo past

Your shadow

And I am left

With constant ringing

Contained by silence

That wraps me softly

Within deep velvet

Cutting me

With shards

Of emptiness

©Kay Salady