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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

It's Unforeseen

You’d built a dam to hold your tears

And a wall to hold your heart

Yet through your eyes I realized

She has torn your soul apart

I’d never seen the tragic queen

Who ripped your heart away

Yet deep inside I must confide

I vowed that I would stay

To wage war with the demons

That battled in your head

And take away the awful pain

That carried you off to bed

Very patiently I offered

To listen to your notions

And without hesitation

I gave you my devotion

As you lay before me

I longed to touch your skin

I wanted you to love me

So I decided to begin

To climb the wall you’d built

That hid your heart away

And wrap my love around you

Until the day you’d say

That deep inside you felt it

This feeling that I feel

And you too would express

That it’s so very real

When you look into my eyes

You can’t help but smile and say

This woman makes you happy

And you want her the same way

One day we’ll be together

For you’ve made me your queen

Loving me forever

When we’ll touch – it’s unforeseen

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

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