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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Into the Land of Baby's Breath

Oh for a fleeting moment when life’s bright rain bowed hue

Was taken in a moment’s hush as it burst away from view

My tiny bubble had drifted out despite my every plea

Into the Land of Baby’s Breath where he will wait for me

To gather him in finest wool of white with yellow flowers

In a field of green I’ll sing to him sweet lullabies for hours

And as I hold him in my arms and kiss his tender head

I wrestle in the quilt I lay and sit up in my bed

Embracing all the memories of dreams we two have shared

Meeting in that special land when through the veil I dared

To reacquaint with moments of life’s bright rain bowed hue

That ran from me within the hush and burst away from view

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

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