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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

As Tonight I Paint a Dream

Dreams are what make us great – what make us strive for more.

Desire becomes reality

As tonight I paint a dream

Upon the written canvas

I fill the page with scenes

Of passion as it enters

Every corner of my mind

Giving spark to inspiration

And it is painfully unkind

For so far away you linger

All alone upon your bed

Biting on your lower lip

Feeling frenzy in your head

As I enter through the gate

Of your deepest dark desire

Wandering naked in the flames

Your ferocity rises higher

And as you reach to understand

The full meaning of each kiss

That encapsulates your being

You surrender to the bliss

Of each picture perfect word

Dripping honey sweet and good

That brings you to my dream

As an invitation should . . .

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

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