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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


“I want to feel the beauty of obsession.”

You are fixated on that place

Where I will make him die for me

As you lay staring at my face

So all alone you cry for me

Wishing you could go

Where I will take my lover

Wishing you could know

And somehow could discover

All the sweet delights

That I reserve for him

On sultry summer nights

When silky perfumed skin

Beads with urgent sweat

As fingers clench his hair

Moving to a beat

Familiar and yet rare

As shadows on a wall

Dance within your mind

You gaze into my eyes

Complacently unkind

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

The Sirens' Song

An emerald mirror waits for thee

Along the waters of the sea

Where beauty lies within the deep

Softly lulling men to sleep

Hovering o’er the jagged rock

The winged beauty’s scarlet locks

Cascade along her ivory skin

Sparkling in the starlit din

As lips of ruby part to bring

A strange hypnotic offering

To hold defenseless hearts at bay

As she sings their minds away

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved


A promise is a conviction that I again will never make

Because the vow of love I gave was a goddamn mistake

I placed my heart within your hands entrusting it to you

You lost your grip and let it slip and tore my heart in two

The pledge I gave to honor you for all my days on earth

Was just a fleeting fantasy that never held much worth

To you who killed the dreams of one who actually believed

As I swallowed all the poisoned pills that you’d so kindly leave

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

Dirty Little Lies

Those dirty little lies on the tip of a silvery tongue

Whispered in passive moments’ urgent need

Beckoning me to fly on arousal’s wings so free

Neglecting second thoughts that somehow escape me

They flutter ‘round my head as flashing lights of red

Serving as reminders of the pain that lies ahead

Yet I refuse to see the fact that you do not love me

I hold on tight with all my might to my elusive fantasy

That fills me with excitement as you fill me with your lies

And the longer that I play this game the more I realize

The addiction’s that much stronger than it had been before

Still I am nothing more to you than just another whore

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

It's Unforeseen

You’d built a dam to hold your tears

And a wall to hold your heart

Yet through your eyes I realized

She has torn your soul apart

I’d never seen the tragic queen

Who ripped your heart away

Yet deep inside I must confide

I vowed that I would stay

To wage war with the demons

That battled in your head

And take away the awful pain

That carried you off to bed

Very patiently I offered

To listen to your notions

And without hesitation

I gave you my devotion

As you lay before me

I longed to touch your skin

I wanted you to love me

So I decided to begin

To climb the wall you’d built

That hid your heart away

And wrap my love around you

Until the day you’d say

That deep inside you felt it

This feeling that I feel

And you too would express

That it’s so very real

When you look into my eyes

You can’t help but smile and say

This woman makes you happy

And you want her the same way

One day we’ll be together

For you’ve made me your queen

Loving me forever

When we’ll touch – it’s unforeseen

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

Into the Land of Baby's Breath

Oh for a fleeting moment when life’s bright rain bowed hue

Was taken in a moment’s hush as it burst away from view

My tiny bubble had drifted out despite my every plea

Into the Land of Baby’s Breath where he will wait for me

To gather him in finest wool of white with yellow flowers

In a field of green I’ll sing to him sweet lullabies for hours

And as I hold him in my arms and kiss his tender head

I wrestle in the quilt I lay and sit up in my bed

Embracing all the memories of dreams we two have shared

Meeting in that special land when through the veil I dared

To reacquaint with moments of life’s bright rain bowed hue

That ran from me within the hush and burst away from view

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

Celadon Ceramics

Celadon ceramics are collecting years of dust

On stands of ebony with iron legs of ornate rust

In a sitting room where poetry was whispered in her ear

On a satin pillowed sofa as she listened with a tear

So gently you reached out to take her dainty hand in yours

Then she withdrew with billowed dress through the courtyard doors

In the darkness of the night you held a billion stars at bay

As you tried to capture the sweet love that took your breath away

The carpets on the tiled floors are eaten by the moths

As through the years with painful tears you sadly pace across

The echoes of the laughter and the music of the past

Dancing through the corridors of dreams that did not last

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

Breath to Breath

Breath to breath

I take you in

Enthralled by you

Yet once again

The sweet perfume

Of ecstasy

Consumes my soul

When you’re with me

Kiss by kiss

In summer rain

You bite my lips

To give the pain

That I’m alive

Within the fire

Engulfing me

In your desire

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

Where Hope Remains

“He is but a dream I have not touched and a hope that will remain.”

Inside the mist of memory the dream I have not touched

Returns again to startle me within sweet passion’s clutch

As I assume the way he’d feel inside these empty arms

Consummating fantasies and thrilling me with charms

Throughout the dreams I dream of him every night and day

As lips meet lips and fingertips roam to find their way

To all the secret places that are meant for only one

The one that I have chosen who makes me come undone

And as he takes my breath inside the chest that I adore

I touch the place where hope remains – my hope forevermore

Yes my love is but a dream and a place I wish to be

Yet in this heart my love remains for all eternity

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

Touch Me in Twilight

Touch me in twilight’s quiet moment

When expectancy exhales the breath of need

Scattered sunlight hesitates as you my darling

To illuminate the gentle nudge of urgency

Touch me in twilight’s magic moment

As the ambient light awakens me to you

Driven by the wonders floating in my mind

As your shadow slides to stimulate my view

Touch me in twilight’s torrid moment

I am burning for the pleasures of your touch

The flame of blue that feeds this hour

With intensity and power is burning deep

Inside of me – so touch . . .

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved

As Tonight I Paint a Dream

Dreams are what make us great – what make us strive for more.

Desire becomes reality

As tonight I paint a dream

Upon the written canvas

I fill the page with scenes

Of passion as it enters

Every corner of my mind

Giving spark to inspiration

And it is painfully unkind

For so far away you linger

All alone upon your bed

Biting on your lower lip

Feeling frenzy in your head

As I enter through the gate

Of your deepest dark desire

Wandering naked in the flames

Your ferocity rises higher

And as you reach to understand

The full meaning of each kiss

That encapsulates your being

You surrender to the bliss

Of each picture perfect word

Dripping honey sweet and good

That brings you to my dream

As an invitation should . . .

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved