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Monday, September 5, 2011

My Feather Bed

Fall into my feather bed
Darlin' rest your pretty head
On this satin pillowed bliss
Come receive my honeyed kiss
Bring your body close to mine
As our arms and legs entwine
Let your worries drift to sea
For tonight your fantasy
Is inside a perfumed bed
Scented by rose petals red
And as the candles softly glow
I will rock you to and fro
To the sound of my heartbeat
Caught within the maddening heat
Intoxication fills the room
Elated by the sweet perfume
That permeates our hair and skin
And the bed that we lie in
©Kay Salady
all rights reserved


  1. honeyed kiss and maddening heat instantly set a mood for me that i liked. you opening and closing were really strong, too. i enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you, Ed. I'm happy that you enjoyed my poem!