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Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Remiss

As sleep evades me
And my body aches for rest
The harsh morning light
Comes to blind me with its rays
Mocking me for my remiss

©Kay Salady

Lost Years

I weep for the years
As I watch them flee
Scurrying across floors
Slithering through cracks
Seeping out windows
As particles of dust
Evaporating through
Openings of missed

©Kay Salady

The Song of Pain

Far beyond the mountaintops and high above the plains
Between the earth and evergreen on lowly field's remains
There lies within the soul of man a deep residual song
A never ending melody resounding all day long
It echoes through the winds of change it’s heard beyond the vale
Passed on between the fathers and taught to newborn male
A battle-cry of justice a hymn to heaven above
No matter where you hear it you'll know the song of love
It ripples across the waters far beyond the sea
From land to land it crosses hands and touches you and me
We see it in the mouths of babes whose hunger isn't filled
Within the empty barren lives of houses we can't build
Deep in the sounds of mothers' cries who've lost their only sons
In the eyes of those who cry we are the guilty ones
For those who ask for freedom and those who seek for more
The calloused hearts who’ve torn apart all we've been striving for
For in their greed and wanting they cannot get enough
They chip away the outer clay that makes the grown man tough
And as he lies there bleeding broken and distraught
He wonders why he has to die and why this war was fought
With eyes filled up in sorrow clouded by his blood
The trees are gone he gazed upon before the tragic flood
Of brutal misconception and hands that did not heal
They chose to mock and judge in vain and they chose to steal
The baby walks beside him with shell shock for her face
She has no road to walk upon she has no human race
For whom she knew as mother is gone from memory
The father died the battle cried the land has lost her tree
Far beyond the mountaintops and high above the plain
No matter where you hear it you'll know the song of pain . . . 

©Kay Salady

Inside a Sunlit Ball

The golden moonlight
Melts slowly into the sea
Whispering goodbye
As it softly beckons me
To gather moon dust
Ere it fades away
To greet another lover
On another day
O’ lovely beams of Luna
Come to bathe me tenderly

Gazing from the shore
Far out upon the ocean
I whisper a prayer
With all my heart’s devotion
To the goddess of the moon

I give you my heart
On this night so willingly
And you hear my call
As my heart goes out to sea
Deep inside a sunlit ball

©Kay Salady


Blushing berries pout and wonder
Am I to draw her raven tress
And have I ever sat to ponder
My Sundari’s loveliness
Sparkling gems inside the orbs
Inlaid beneath an arched brow
Somehow transfix my captive gaze
And I can view her soul somehow
A bell fruit is the centerpiece
Within a lovely porcelain bowl
Its stem a tiny golden stud
To shine upon the beautiful

©Kay Salady

Monday, September 5, 2011

My Feather Bed

Fall into my feather bed
Darlin' rest your pretty head
On this satin pillowed bliss
Come receive my honeyed kiss
Bring your body close to mine
As our arms and legs entwine
Let your worries drift to sea
For tonight your fantasy
Is inside a perfumed bed
Scented by rose petals red
And as the candles softly glow
I will rock you to and fro
To the sound of my heartbeat
Caught within the maddening heat
Intoxication fills the room
Elated by the sweet perfume
That permeates our hair and skin
And the bed that we lie in
©Kay Salady
all rights reserved