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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Path for Feet to Wander

Hark! A light on yonder window breaks! Oh, Romeo, which window doth ye embark tonight? Surely, I have left a candle's glow to light a path for feet to wander beneath familiar trellis. Do climb up to kiss fair maiden's lips that blush in wait. Don't hesitate for I have lingered long and rely upon thee to quench this passion's fire that burns as coals so deep within my bosom. Say thou wilt inhale the fragrance meant for thee alone in the magic of the night. Run to me, my lover, as two ample billows rise and fall above the beating heart that calls thy name, my Romeo.

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved


  1. I'm curious where Bipasha Basu comes into this! ;)

  2. How romantic! Although the picture looks a bit more like a purple haired Rapunzel! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Oh my goodness! Loved it!

    Did you do the art? It's awesome!

  4. kay this was very good. I liked the imagery but more over I like how you did a very good job replicating the language of the time, very Shakespearean in tone. Very nicely done. oh, just noticed you wrote this last year. you've got talent you should write more, the other 2 pieces in here are good too. Thanks again for stopping over at my site as well. Hope to read more from you:)

  5. Very romantic! I hope Romeo shows up soon. :)