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Friday, July 23, 2010

My Mind is Frozen

My mind is frozen, and I want so much to leave

There are no words to feed your soul today

I fight for air, and I am trying hard to breathe

Struggling, as you force my will to make me stay

Last night, I slept, so soundly, as a baby in my bed

And, yet, I sit and listen to you pull me down so deep

With endless talk that swims around inside my head

Subliminally, it tells my mind that all I want is sleep

I try, so hard, to focus on the endless, mindless chatter

Berating me for all your pain each day I come to see

If just one time, I may find that you may think I matter

But, once again, I sit and cry in my humility . . .

©Kay Salady
all rights reserved


  1. Your words convey the pain. Well done. And thanks for visiting!

  2. No complicated words. No long and around about sentences.
    Simple and straight to the point.
    Like this a lot!