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Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance with the Queen of Hearts

She walks with grace and elegance and seems to form somewhat a dance

As she flows heaven knows she was created just for him

He feels the rush of chiffon and lace the aroma emitted from the trace

Of sweet perfume that fills the room as she glides slowly past

How he aches to dance and whirl just one time romance the girl

To touch her hand and take command of this fair queen so fine

She exudes erotic dreams and in his head replays the schemes

The whims the whiles that would beguile a thousand men or more

Her eyes meet his for just one look and he feels somewhat then forsook

For she floats upon the clouds as she drifts so sweetly by

He aches for her and in his need his heart begins to beg and plead

For one more chance to bid romance with this fair queen of hearts

He rises then to pursue the lovely queen for he now knew

He must be the first in line of this divine fair queen

And in the heat of love so sweet he humbly bows at her fine feet

To bid that she may grant his wish to dance one time with him

She takes his hand at his command and meets him in that magic land

Where he has been awaiting her for nights untold on end

They dance amid the stars and then delight has filled the two of them

As they fly up in the sky reaching a place that you and I could never hope to find
© Kay Salady
all rights reserved


  1. Wow. I love the theme, the picture and the way words are flowing in this poem. Well done Kay.
    Thats a beautiful piece :)

  2. Beautiful poem. I love the use of assonance :)

  3. Dang. I wish I was as intriguing as that gal! :) Beautiful poem. :)